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We provide marketing plan and brand strategy formulation services, including opportunity evaluation, process design, customer relations, sales management initiatives and input for direct marketing.

Change Process Management

We are well aware of the ever continuing organisational and social changes and have special skills and experience in proactive management of the inherent process through the following service vehicles:

Social Awareness

We assist organisations and individuals in social awareness promotion, behavioral change communication campaigns, programmes and advocacy.


We support and promote democratic electioneering processes by providing candidate counseling on environmental analysis, policy development, communication process, reputation building, networking, tour events, media relations and production. We also make very significant input in campaign organization and strategy; election statistics, opinion polling, opposition research, fundraising strategy, Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) strategyand other Election Day activities.


We provide very vital input to our clients, offering concept formulation, copywriting for print, broadcast, outdoor display, website, direct mail, short messaging system (SMS), including contributions to audio and visual input of artists or producers.

The same holds for project strategy formulation, planning and management, in addition to media planning and production evaluation; scheduling and execution; slogans and music jingles composition.

Public Relations

We offer professional services in strategic Public Relations (PR) planning, for image enhancement, corporate identity, publicity techniques, issues campaign, and media relations. We also provide PR writing, for news releases, contributed articles, guest editorials, in-house publications and brochures.

We make positive input to clients’ efforts at internal communication, event planning and management, crisis communication and corporate social responsibility (CSR) planning and management, together with strategy formulation and management in cause-related marketing.

*Marketing for development

In line with our preference to support development efforts, we render professional support services to facilitate input aimed at Markets for poor, and Bottom of the pyramid (BoP) marketing.


We facilitate mutually beneficial relationships or links, for the achievement of business or other objectives, between interested parties as stated below:


Foreign-based businesses seeking business opportunities or professional services in Nigeria.

Foreign-based government organisations seeking professional services in Nigeria.

Foreign-based non-government and non-profit organisations seeking professional services or collaboration in Nigeria.

Foreign-based individuals seeking business opportunities or professional services in Nigeria.

Nigerian-based businesses, other organisations and individuals seeking business opportunities or collaboration abroad.
Nigerian-based Businesses, other organisations and individuals seeking business opportunities or professional services in Nigeria.

Providers of professional services (e.g. interior decoration, engineering, architecture, teaching/education, entertainment, web site designs, web applications construction; software design, electronics/electrical, telecommunications, etc.), in their personal or individual capacity, have an opportunity of easily getting connected to owners of various projects relevant to their professional calling through Etochia.
Feel free to submit your profile and other relevant details about your capabilities now, by email to info@etochia.com to be included in a large database.
Details of modalities of our interaction will be made available to you, soon after.
You are assured of getting connected to an appropriate owner of project that fits your professional calling.

For Owners of Projects:

Contact Etochia in case you require to get connected with providers of professional services for whatever project you have. Indeed your search for professional service providers ends here.

For all enquiries simply send an email to info@etochia.com or phone 803 337 0622 or 7025 707762 (within the hours of 09.00hrs and 18.00hrs local time) to get started. (Nigeria’s country code is +234, and is located GMT +1hr).


Services are fashioned to suit business concerns either without in-house marketing expertise and requiring outsourcing it or a specialist second opinion in marketing or seeking fresh ideas (e.g. concept formulation, strategy development, all or part of writing-based input) aimed at:

- Marketing communications agencies.
- Business concerns, which render other forms of marketing
services to end-users.
- End-users (e.g. consumer goods manufacturers, service

Business Advice

Provision of solutions to marketing related problems, with inclination towards:

- Business start-up.
- Small to medium business development.
- Product development.
- Publications.

Professional Training & Development

We believe that successful organisations view their human resources as the most important asset and recognize the need in maintaining both organisational and individual success.

We assist in facilitating overall organisational success by providing dedicated training sessions, workshops and seminars in marketing (with concepts, strategies, and branding as focus) as this applies to organisations wishing to enhance team professional and personal development.

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