Newly-released footage from police in Miami-Dade County, Florida, shows the dramatic rescue of a three-year-old boy from a car that had crashed into a canal. Miami-Dade Police Department released body-worn camera footage from February 27 showing officers responding to a car that had plunged off a road and into a canal in Goulds. Officer Emmanuel Walton III said he acted immediately to get the boy, who was trapped in his car seat, out of the car. “Somebody had to make the choice to get in, and I just acted,” Walton said. Walton said he went underwater and used his sense of touch to find the child and release him from his seat. Walton then pulled the child out of the car and handed him to officers, who performed CPR until the child started breathing again. The child was rushed to a nearby hospital, police said. The child’s father also survived the crash. Credit: Miami-Dade Police Department via Storyful

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