Broken cost of living promises are ‘coming back to bite the government’

Ten months on from the federal election and everything is now “far more expensive” despite Labor promising cheaper power prices, petrol and housing, says Sky News host Sharri Markson.

“Power bills will go up by about 30 per cent in Victoria and 20 per cent in New South Wales, South Australia and parts of Queensland from July,” Ms Markson said.

“We’ve had 10 consecutive rate rises, making the average mortgage nearly $80 more a month.

“And petrol prices are around a dollar a litre more expensive than they were a year ago.”

Ms Markson said the broken promises are now “coming back to bite the government”.

“The reality is this, Labor should never have promised to lower the cost of living – they knew their promise was a fantasy because it was clear at the time that rising inflation was going to make life more costly.”